We want to thank our generous sponsors for all their hard work and dedication to making this conference outstandings.


Monday Dinner

We’re big into diverse flavors and are inspired by dishes from around the world. In our kitchen you’ll find tons of local produce, whole grains and legumes, a rainbow of spices and vinegars, lots of healthful oils, wild-caught seafood and sustainably raised meat. We believe the choices we make through food can have a positive impact on our health, community and environment.

Tuesday Dinner & SWAG

Your to-do list is piling up and the second pot of coffee isn’t quite doing the trick. How can one person get all of this done? Easy. Imagine a vacation rental management software that can streamline your productivity, strengthen your marketing campaigns and connect you with the latest property management technologies, all in one place. Stop dreaming. Try VROOMRes!



Coffee, tea & snacks

The Eclectic Cafe is a vinyl emporium, coffee shop, bistro café, newstand and wine and craft beer bar in a historic building in the Cannonborough / Elliotborough neighborhood of downtown Charleston, South Carolina. The idea behind the Eclectic was simple:  combine the things we love and are passionate about in a single, cohesive establishment.