Sydney Ilg, 11th Avenue Hostel

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A passionate advocate for communal-travel and community-minded business, Sydney Ilg currently manages all marketing and branding for the re-emerging 11th Avenue Hostel in Denver, Colorado, an endeavor she joyfully takes on with her family.

With a strong background in data analysis, policy writing and public relations, she can get a bit nerdy and fast talking about anything related to building better businesses and improving branding. Sydney will be presenting on maintaining online reputation at the 2nd Annual American Hostel Conference to help new and long-running hostels always put their best foot forward on the worldwide web.

Presentation Highlights

What to do when a guest forgets to cancel and then demands a refund? When a guest forgets the door code and has to find another place to stay for the night and threatens to leave you a one star review if you don’t refund them and pay for their hotel? Learn the art and grace of keeping your cool while the crazies try and throw you for a loop along with managing your reputation and online reviews.