David Stone & Joe Hindman



With nearly a decade of experience in design, project management, marketing strategy and creative leadership, Joe Hindman excels in collaborative development. He has assisted and led key marketing initiatives such as product launches, branding campaigns, multi-channel promotions and product sales programs for corporate brands including Michelin, BMW, Milliken and Hubbell Lighting. As the co-owner and general manager of Modal, Joe has been moonlighting on the creation and development of the South Carolina based hostel for nearly 4 years. He intends to use Modal to highlight local artists and attract a mixture of professional musicians, creatives and performers.. 


David Stone Jr. is co-owner of Modal and the President of Stone Property Management, a Greenville based commercial and residential management firm. Over the last 9 years, David has focused on making his hometown the “city of his dreams” by partnering with local creatives and entrepreneurs to develop new concepts. With the integration of his own non-profit, Spirit of Greenville, he hopes to fuel the next generation of business-minded creatives. David has traveled far and wide and brought inspiration from 50+ international hostel experiences between Europe, Central & South America, Australia and Southeast Asia to help craft Modal’s flagship property in the heart of downtown Greenville.

Presentation Highlights

Developing an Identity for Your Hostel - Modal, Greenville, SC. Joe Hindman and David Stone will share their experience opening Modal, the second  South Carolina-based hostel. They'll present an overview of a marketer's & developer’s perspective on creating a brand vision and integrated marketing campaign for a new hostel.