Byron Bunda, Backpacker Biz

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Byron has worked with hostels big and small, city and rural. His first hostel job was as a receptionist in San Francisco and his favorite hostel job was leading the events for a 500-bed hostel in Australia. Today he helps hostels around the world to improve their digital presence through web design, content marketing, SEO, and social media strategy. His blog BackpackerBiz features weekly updates on news and views related to hostel management. He is also the leader of American Hostels, an organization that connects US hostels so they may learn and grow together. Besides all things hostel related, he enjoys motorcycle riding, especially because it's the perfect way to get from hostel to hostel. 

Presentation Highlights

Who are the big players entering the hostel market this year? What rising consumer trends can your hostel benefit from? Why are hostels using more OTAs? Our industry is ever-evolving. Byron's presentation will help your hostel gear up for success in 2019. Hear the latest forecasts for the travel sector, learn about the newest trends in the industry, along with concrete recommendations for how your hostel can ride the tailwinds to success and brace for the headwinds that you will face.